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A beautiful, seductive scientist manipulates microbes and men. She and her lover, a nihilist professor, plot a 9-11 style attack with his students self-infected with "Tiger Flu".

Author   -  Bio-crime, bioterror, and Genetic Design  -  Novels

Joann Mead

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In a world under attack by genetic manipulation, "Designer Baby" (aka Tiger Girl) creates the deadly "Tiger Flu" virus and designs super-human babies while 

biohacker scientists target a population with an RNA-edited Han virus. 

Can she be stopped before it's too late?

She offers people a dream, their own perfected "Designer Baby". She's a most wanted bioterrorist for her lab-designed H5N1 "Tiger Flu". A lover designs targeted RNA viruses and genetic weapons.

A medical mystery / crime story set in a tiny New England state known for it's culture of corruption. Did the dumping of Allbio's engineered genes sicken and kill children? Did it destroy their immunity?